The world is in us and we are in the world.

‘If you dedicated your day to staring at the sky, would it have been a day well spent?’

The answer to this question is one of the unknowns in life. But perhaps the unknowns are just as important as the knowns. Each day, each moment affords a new possibility to contemplate them, quietly and unobtrusively. And even if we get nowhere, well, who knows if we were supposed to get anywhere in the first place.

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The quiet melancholy to be found in autumn evenings is well-known and cherished by those who appreciate such things. But there is a sadness less observed, that of a January evening, when despite the cold, the feeling that the quiet of winter is slipping away makes itself known and leaves us vaguely apprehensive that soon…


In noise there is no peace. But to distinguish between noise and its opposite may be a skill that requires a lifetime.


Clouds form and reform in endless combinations. Aiming to remain at none.

The Sense of Autumn

The more we search for splendour, for the visually dramatic and the awe-inspiring, the more our sensitivity to the muted, the delicate and the subtle decreases and eventually disappears. The beauty of the subtle requires work on our part and that is what makes it all the more precious.


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