Contemplations without a Destination

It occurred to me one day, and I am sure this is nothing new to anyone who has ever given the matter half a thought, that everything is organised and structured these days, that our lives in their entirety are neatly tidied away into spreadsheets, CVs and paperwork of all sorts.

And our thoughts, impressions, feelings, what about them? Well, they are no different. Each has to have a purpose and an end and a reason for being there, we are told.

But why should it be so?

An observation can be just that and no more. The momentary feeling of joy at the sight of a red kite gliding in the sky is no less of a connection to the world than something which lasts months and years. The moments, the disparate thoughts, the vague and seemingly pointless reflections, we should discard none of these.

So here is a place for just such moments without an overarching purpose, contemplations without a destination, musings without goals.